CRESPINE GEL PLUS is a sterile, apyrogeneous, viscoelastic water-insoluble and biocompatible gel implant, produced of cross-linked hyaluronic acid

Main treatment areas are:

  • Gonarthrosis / Osteoarthrosis of the knee joint
  • Osteoarthrosis of the hip joint.

Mode of action

CRESPINE®GEL is injected intra-articular as an addition to the changed synovial fluid for reduction of pain and a improvement of the joint function.

Indication and applications

CRESPINE®GEL is a one-single treatment product, which means, only one treatment is necessary for optimal results.

CRESPINE®GEL is indicated for the correction of joints with degenerated cartilage surface and pathological changed synovial fluid. After the injection the patient experiences a improvement in the sense of pain, which will result in a higher quality of life..

Implantation technology

CRESPINE®GEL is injected with a sterile needle. The implantation takes place in the joint space.

Please notice:

The injection technique is of crucial importance for the final results. CRESPINE®GEL must only be used by authorized medical staff in conformity with the regional laws and by-laws. The simultaneous treatment of several joints is not possible.


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