Daxxify is different from Botox in that it works faster and for longer—most people will notice a major decrease in movement in two days with Daxxify, versus the usual 5-7 days with Botox, and Daxxify wears off after six months (on average), in comparison to Botox’s three to four months.

How Long Does Daxxify Take to Work?

In a clinical trial, results were seen as early as one day after treatment with Daxxify. Most patients start to notice positive changes within two days. Daxxify’s onset may be slightly faster than Botox, which often needs three to four days to produce results.

How long will Daxxify last?

between 6-9 months

In fact, clinical trials found that DAXXIFY results can last between 6-9 months, potentially lasting 2-3 times longer than BOTOX for some patients.


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